Laser Scanning Services and CAD Modeling Services

At Meridian 3D, Inc., we watch Engineers, Architects and Designers successfully implement our laser scanning services and CAD modeling services on a daily basis. Through our extensive experience, we have developed a process that produces results our clients can depend upon again and again. We have one of the most successful track records in the 3D laser scanning and 3D CAD modeling industries because the professional services we provide truly produce real-world, cost-effective solutions.

All of our scanning services, including laser scanning and CAD modeling, are based around fundamental measurement science. Although we are not surveying in the traditional sense when we create a laser scan or CAD model, we apply the standards of practice as a licensed survey company backed by professional liability insurance. The 3D scanning services we provide are supported by rigorous and repeatable surveying techniques performed by trained surveyors under the direction of a licensed professional. Our project surveyors are some of the most highly trained specialists in the industry.

Put simply, what we do consistently works for our clients, some of whom we have been providing professional laser scanning survey services to for the last ten years. So if you are not completely satisfied with the laser survey results you have been getting and suspect there is a better solution to minimize your risk, you are correct. We have helped thousands of professionals who found themselves in your position - until they began working with us. Contact us to get started.

The Meridian 3D Experience

Meridian 3D's unique workflow utillizes the latest in laser scanning technology to assist our clients in planning and executing projects more efficiently.

Project Managers, Engineers, and Architects are able to better visualize the true as-built conditions of any facility or site through Meridian’s laser scanning services. Such professionals quickly realize the value of partnering with M3D, where accuracy matters!

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